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A Blueprint For A Global Future 2019-2025

The University of Newcastle

After being enlisted by The Deputy Vice Chancellor to work on the University's global strategy (The Global Partnerships Plan), she wanted to communicate the internationalisation objectives of the University at both an institutional and community wide level, essentially to increase stakeholder engagement and dissolve the notion that internationalisation was merely the domain of the international division of the University.

The result, A Blueprint For a Global Future 2019-2025, was constructed as a kind of hybrid of corporate strategy, marketing brochure, and cultural manifesto. The 24-page document uses the several core strategies of the University as a framework, and then interconnects a range of areas, both internally and externally to the institution, to explain how the University's global future was integral to the region's capacity to thrive in a greatly changed world.


It involved working across the University with both staff and students, as well as working with local council (the town Mayor is featured in the document) and business (such as the CEO of Newcastle Airport).

After developing the strategy and document with the Deputy Vice Chancellor, I wrote and designed the finished product. You can view it as a pdf by clicking here

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International student acquisition campaign

The University of Newcastle

In 2016, I was given the green light to revise the UON brand to create a fit-for-purpose, globally segmented campaign for international channels (to recruit international students). The result - under the tagline banner (written by myself), "A world class education in a uniquely beautiful location" - extended across the full range of integrated mediums and channels, in digital, print and multimedia.


Managing my own creative and development team, alongside a contracted agency, It included posters and print advertisements, a unique international brochure, experiential (for international trade shows), video, and a segmented digital campaign involving 8 geo-targeted microsites that targeted key markets (in their own language when appropriate) and connected to a $200,000 paid online campaign across social and google.

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App launch

Financial review

Financial Review wanted to enter the app market with a splash, extending their advertising strategy to include an online influencer media strategy, to widen outreach and embolden the app's status through key digital media support. Alongside writing the advertising and communications for the app, I also worked on creating this outreach through the targeting of influential bloggers and financial journalists (including personalised exclusive VIP packs and a private launch party).


Taste Australia brand, web and digital comms

Hort Innovation

Taste Australia is the national Australian horticulture food umbrella brand for international trade (with a focus on the Asian and Middle Eastern markets). After being part of the team developing the brand and style (including writing the official byline), I produced and wrote the website, and then created a range of digital comms, including social media content and web video (such as the promotion of Australian Oranges for the Japanese market, as seen in this featured video).

Taste Australia 2.png



When leading online business solutions company, Netregistry, wanted to launch a series of in-house workshops on digital business subjects (such as SEO, online marketing, etc), I was asked to brand and promote the workshops to their customers. The result was NETT#school (leveraging their flagship digital business publication, NETT#magazine). I created the name and brand, and promoted the workshops through a series of digital channels (eDM, social, PPC) and print advertisements.

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