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Video and TVC campaigns

City of Newcastle (2021)

Concept / Directing / Editing

Your Place was a digital campaign aimed at getting under-represented social groups to engage with the Council as part of their community engagement for the 2022 Social Strategy. There were seven videos, each addressing a demographic the content was targeted to on digital channels.

The University of Newcastle (2013 - 2018)

Directing / Editing

Shaping Futures is a scholarship program at the University of Newcastle for students who are economically or physically disadvantaged. It remains the University's biggest public philanthropy program. 

Concept / Videography / Editing / Score


The Global Heroes campaign was a globally positioned brand awareness piece telling the inspiring stories of past UON alumni through mini-documentary style videos, media articles, and brochures. This particular piece on Paralympian, cancer survivor and philanthropist, Dr Wiliam Tan, became the most internationally viewed video content ever produced by an Australian university at over 720K views.

Concept / Scripting / Directing / Score


For the contemporary university, alumni programs are essentially pathways to philanthropy - yet in a digital age where people find it easier to connect to one another, universities have never had such trouble recruiting past students to alumni programs. The Still You campaign was aimed at local ex students, appealing to a sense of sentimentality and identity, and featured this TVC (which I wrote, directed and scored) starring past alumni, comedian John Doyle (of Roy and HG fame), run on prime time TV. 

The Hallway (2012)

Concept / Scripting


This national TVC campaign for InsuranceLine was part of the broader Promises Kept brand campaign. I was briefed to create a range of scenarios showcasing recognisable life "promises" that target demos would connect to, which could then be linked to the company as enabling the delivering of these promises. 

Hort Innovation (2017 - 2019)

Concept / Videography / Editing


Video created to raise the profile of Phenomenom, an education program funded by Hort Innovation, featuring ex Masterchef celebrity, Alice Zaslavsky, aimed at getting school kids to eat more vegetables.

Concept / Videography / Editing


Produced for Hort Innovation for

2019 International Women's Day, I put the spotlight on not only our women farm workers but, in this case, a business that contributes to the development and celebration of women in horticulture through its funding of a number of programs and awards. 

Concept / Videography / Editing


We're For Growers was developed in

co-operation with the HR department at Hort Innovation to serve their strategic desire internally (to inspire staff to feel they worked for a truly purpose-driven organisation where this aspect was recognised and celebrated) and my own external communications strategy that wanted to humanise the organisation for stakeholders and members.

Concept / Videography / Editing / Voice


Hort Innovation funds the Masterclass in Horticultural Business with the University of Tasmania, a ground-breaking new program aimed at fostering tomorrow's horticulture leaders.

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